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DVR Alert: To Be or Not to Be(1942)

23 Jun

To Be or Not To Be1I just noticed that To Be or Not to Be is on TCM at something ridiculous like 5:15 a.m. tomorrow (or tonight or however you look at that). If you’ve never…it’s just a beautiful thing. Forgetting even Jack Benny and Carole Lombard for a second, forget about it being right next to The Great Dictator as one of the finest WWII comedies made during the war itself… and remember Felix Bressart.

bressartIt is entirely possible that I am the only person besides Felix Bressart’s mother for whom he, in box office terms, could open a movie. But if Bressart is in it, I’m watching it. A magnificent character actor, not exclusively but usually comic. I’ve noted his magic before, but I just took a cursory spin past his IMDB page and seem to have seen something like 15 of his performances. Tip of the iceberg. And the hat. “A laugh is nothing to sneeze at.”

So, To Be or Not to Be. You deserve it. Perhaps I’ll go in depth later about why Benny’s dad stormed out of the movie the first time, but for now, just take a(nother) look.