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Scaramouche (1952) and a note

15 Jun

(Travel and business will make my posts shorter this week. I know, I know, neither of you can live without this, but alas, there’s nothing to be done.)

scaramoucheScaramouche (on TCM Monday, June 17 at 8:00 p.m.) is based on, I say without shame, one of my favorite novels. I don’t claim it’s the best of all time; just one of my favorites. And while the necessities of running time mean this adaptation cuts out at least a third of the book’s events (the silent version covers more, but I still crave a nice six-hour BBC version, I admit), it still captures the excessive swashbucklery of Sabatini so nicely in all its Technicolor grandeur. Nina Foch as Marie Antoinette, for gods’ sakes.

I recommend this without reservations. Enjoy!