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To begin with…

26 Apr

…people often ask me to recommend movies for them. Not as often as I offer recommendations. But still.

Case in point: a blog.

There are plenty of sources for fact and for insightful critique. So that won’t be here. What will? Who can say. I will mention that I lean toward movies made before my birth (1973); I have a deeper love for character actors than stars; I would rather talk about things I enjoy than things I don’t; I think comedy is under-appreciated, and the word “appreciate” has many meanings. So this will reflect that.

I also have a couple of nephews in the 11-13 range, a couple of nieces in the 4-7 range, all four of whom have avuncular movie nonsense forced upon them; and a wife with whom I watch a lot of Turner Classic Movies (which, besides weather emergency reports, is the sole reason we pay for cable.)

I have no earthly idea who will read this. But I hope to post weekly a) something I already love and b) something I’m looking forward to/just saw. Initially, anyway, because one has to start someplace, I’ll be seeking a) and b) the TCM listings for the coming week.