Quickie: Hopscotch (1980)

24 Aug

hopscotch posterClearing off the DVR and watching Hopscotch, a thirty-three-year-old movie, this afternoon, I was struck by the confusing lack of remake.

I’m no lover of remakes. Ninety percent of the time I’d rather a new writer got a chance with a new idea.

But – and I don’t know if you’ve noticed this – the news is plumb stuffed with government secrets being leaked out by all kinds of technological (and non-) means. Stuffed.

If you watch/read the stations/sites I do, sympathy is generally with the leakers. And, while I will summarily ignore any and all discussion of this in the comments, I tend to agree.

And then we have Miles Kendig, the charming classical-music-loving ex-CIA operative who blows a massive and loud whistle the old fashioned pre-Internet way: by publishing it internationally.

The odd thing about a modern remake in light of the recent stink about the NSA’s web peekery is that the best way to accomplish the same thing now would be just like then: type it on a typewriter and mail the hard copy to secret locations people would have to go and find. All of which is a) more securely secure and b) a hell of a lot more interesting to watch than any scene involving people looking at screens.

Anyway. Mark my words. It’s coming. Hopscotch with Will Ferrell. Enjoy.

hopscotch beattyPS – this is also a lovely Ned Beatty role. Beatty and I share a hometown in which he is, to my way of thinking, insufficiently acknowledged. I wrote the following song for the main theater company I work with in Louisville. Enjoy…


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