DVR Alert: Boy’s Night Out (1962)

17 Jul

boBoy’s Night Out (tonight on TCM at 1:30 a.m.) is by far one of, is not the finest, certainly my favorite in the long history of Bachelor Pad Movies. For set design alone, you need seek no other. Zowie.

Not a success at the time of its release, its comedy dates much better than most in the 1960s sex comedy genre -  I think it’s because while the men start out entertaining this weird, kinky, someone-read-a-Playboy-short-story mistress-sharing adultery fantasy, they’re fundamentally decent sorts who are just indulging in some faux-manly chest-thumping at each other that gets out of hand. This makes their 60s Guyness a lot easier to take. They aren’t 60s Guys but have been sold the idea of 60s Guys in the same way as, say, my Swingers-era generation. That they technically live in the 1960s just makes it more intriguing.

I’m not sure contemporary audiences laughed at what I laugh at in Boy’s Night Out (beyond the undying laugh of Tee Many Martoonis), but I’m sure all time periods can agree, if paying attention, on the glories of Howard Morris.

Morris, with whom I share a birthday, is my favorite part of anything he’s in (almost; Kim Novak is the star here, and I am a mere mortal) – cf. the Your Show of Shows sketch (from the Carl Reiner post) in which he plays the manic Uncle Goopy. His Howard here is relatively subdued compared to that or Ernest T. Bass, but his scenes with Novak are my favorites.

So enjoy this, a perfect 1:30 a.m. film if ever there was one.

Boys Night Out 2

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