Sunday in New York (1963)

31 May

Sunday in New York (airing on TCM Sunday, June 2 at 6:00 p.m.) is another of my beloved Bachelor Pad movies.

(Digression 1: I’m struggling to remember the other movie in which we saw this particular Pad either reused or knocked off, but we did. End Digression 1.)

(Digression 2: some part of me believes Rod Taylor fled the situation he was left in at the end of The Birds – which went unnoticed in NYC having happened west of Teaneck – changed his name and started a normal life on a Philly newspaper. It colors his behavior here for me. End Digression 2.)

Sunday in New York (1963)

Let’s be clear, now: this is not a longing for days of pre-feminism or rampant indoor cigar smoking or what have you. And the general Paleness of even the crowd scenes is always disconcerting. (Though I’ll admit that I find appealing in non-movie photos of the day the waning of that era in which people of all walks did seem to make rather more an effort when leaving the house.) But I have an already-remarked-upon affinity for movies that, even if they don’t feature Peter Nero literally, feature him figuratively. If that makes sense. Also, wicker-cozied barware. What can one do?

And while I believe the sexual revolution was a good thing for the world, it was in the long run a bad thing for comedy. Something to do with removed restrictions and a splintering of decorums, I guess. (Don’t give me that red squiggle, spellcheck – “decorums” is perfectly acceptable. I just looked it up.)

Still, the pleasure of this little period piece is more than surface. There’s a real and charming chemistry between Fonda and Taylor that makes a difference; in other hands (I suppose this is true of anything) this might creak, but there’s a sense that their concerns are real.

2 Responses to “Sunday in New York (1963)”

  1. Boof October 26, 2013 at 12:26 am #

    I thoroughly enjoy this movie. And I suppose it reflects all my tween fantasies of what life in the Big Apple should be. And maybe it was, back in the ’60s. I like to think so, anyway.


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