Looking Forward: TCM Second Looks, Friday May 24

22 May

This week’s lineup: Inside Daisy Clover (1965) (1965); The Loved One (1965) (1965); Mickey One (1965) (1965); and The Arrangement (1969) (1969).

This time around I can speak only for The Loved One, a gleefully messed-up adaptation of a gleefully messed-up Evelyn Waugh novel with a ridiculous cast including the recently-late Jonathan Winters in arguably his best harnessed role(s), the recently-revisited Liberace…

The Loved One (1965)

“…our Mr. Starker will counsel you as to your loved one’s additional needs.”

…not to mention Robert Morse (in a role Bert Cooper probably didn’t go see him in), John Gielgud, and Rod Steiger in (and please appreciate this statement) his most unsettling role. Which is also hilarious.

The rest I am blissfully unaware of, except for Inside Daisy Clover, which I’ve seen little chunks of and which my wife “loved as a child but was less excited by as an adult,” which begs the question, “what were those people letting her watch?” But in the 7os, kiddos, we were strong of will and could handle things that lived in that land between Saw and the straight-to-video Tinker Bell movies. Strong of will were we…

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