Monsieur Laurel & Señor Hardy

12 May

Being Funny in 4 Languages

This shall serve as your warning that a healthy pile of multilingual Laurel & Hardy is coming up on TCM Monday, May 13, starting at 6:15 a.m. with Helpmates and continuing through the double feature Les Carottiers and Los Calaveras (the combined Be Big!/Laughing Gravy in French and Spanish, repectively) that starts at 11:45 a.m.

TCM did an evening of a few these a few months ago that I happened across and they’re fascinating to watch (and hear) for reasons that are probably obvious. The Boys speak their lines phonetically while surrounded by native speaking casts, a solution to the sudden problem of the international talkie market offered by the ever-enterprising Hal Roach.

2 Responses to “Monsieur Laurel & Señor Hardy”

  1. vowofsilence May 19, 2013 at 10:32 pm #

    What fun to hear Stan and Babe speak in other languages — they don’t look uncomfortable at all!

    • baldmanwithacowlick May 19, 2013 at 11:35 pm #

      …or no more uncomfortable than always, eh? Kidding aside, though, I agree – I wonder if their intentionally staccato English patterns and cadences helped their foreign outings seem less unnatural than they might have otherwise.

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