Screening Report: The 1933 Pre-Code Festival

1 May

From an always-thoughtful blog, I give you this, worthwhile as a whole, but particularly for the thoughts on “civilians” in the introduction. (I usually think of them as “virgins” being “sacrificed,” but that’s just one of several things Merion C. Cooper has to be called to account for in my life.) Enjoy!

cinematically insane

StanwyckOn a recent Friday night, I struggled to find an empty seat at Film Forum, the Downtown Manhattan movie mecca where I spend most of my free time and discretionary dollars. Sold out shows are not uncommon at the cinema, but the movie I was about to see was neither a heavily promoted new release, nor a critically acclaimed art film. It was BABY FACE, an 80-year-old, black-and-white potboiler about a steel town prostitute who sleeps her way to the top in the big city during the worst year of the Great Depression.

Even more striking than the size of the audience was its demographic composition. This wasn’t a persnickety collection of sallow-complected, middle-aged, revival house rats (although I was there, so there was at least one). It was a diverse crowd of young, stylishly dressed urbanites (some might even call them “hipsters”) out for weekend fun with friends. And…

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