Looking Forward: Cowboy from Brooklyn (1938)

29 Apr
Cowboy From Brooklyn (1938)

Hypnosis also used in this film to convince others of Powell’s cowboyhood.


Late Wednesday, May 1 at 1:00 a.m. on TCM

What I know of Cowboy from Brooklyn puts it firmly in my wheelhouse: Johnny Mercer & Harry Warren; Dick Powell (who always had a sort of soft, beaten side in his later noirs, but always kind of suited his first name in his romantic comedies); and generally low-star ratings. Which means I’m very likely going to enjoy it a lot.

Now, will it be good? I sincerely doubt it. But there’s an inexplicable sociological joy I get out of pictures like this. “That didn’t seem sexist?” “That worked for people then?” “Note the treatment (or lack) of insert social/racial subset. I will watch in gleeful fascination be it good or bad. Also, The Wife and I may or may not steal a move or two for a show. And who’s to say that’s a bad thing?

(My linker won’t link this morning, so here: http://www.tcm.com/tcmdb/title/71673/Cowboy-from-Brooklyn/)

See you there!

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